Josh Walker
Josh Walker
Fulham info
Full name Joshua James Walker
Date of birth 28 Dec 1997
Place of birth    London, England
Playing position Striker, Left winger, Attacking midfielder
Current player? Incorrect
Joined from Tottenham Hotspur - 1 Jul 2013
Left for Released - 1 Jul 2017
League apps (gls) 0 (0)
All apps (gls) 0 (0)
Other clubs Tottenham Hotspur (youth) (?-2013)
→ Wealdstone (loan) (2017) (from Fulham)
Hendon (2017-2018)
Barnet (2018-present)

Josh Walker was a forward at Fulham from 2013 until 2017. He played for the U18 squad and the U23 squad as a left winger or striker. He joined when he was 15 from Tottenham's academy but was eventally let go by the club having failed to break through to the first team.


Before FulhamEdit

Fulham (2013-2017)Edit

Josh joined Fulham at the start of 2013-14 from Tottenham Hotspur's academy and joined up with the U16 squad. After some impressive displays, he began featuring for the U18 squad, making a handful of appearances both in the league and the FA Youth Cup.

He signed a three year scholarship deal in July 2014 that would see him remain at the club until 2017. After promising glimpses, Josh was released at the expiration of his contract.

After FulhamEdit

Josh joined Hendon on 13 September 2017, scoring the only goal on his debut at Dulwich Hamlet the very same day.

Fulham StatisticsEdit


U18 squadEdit

Season League FA Youth Cup Total
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2013-14 4 1 2 0 6 1
2014-15 26 9 1 0 27 9
2015-16 20 9 2 0 22 9
Total 50 19 5 0 55 19

U19 squadEdit

Season Dallas Cup
Apps Goals
2015-16 5 1
Total 5 1

U21 squadEdit

Season League U21 Cup Total
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2015-16 14 4 0 0 14 4
Total 14 4 0 0 14 4

U23 squadEdit

Season League Premier League Cup Total
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
2016-17 14 2 4 1 18 3
Total 14 2 4 1 18 3

Fulham MatchesEdit

U19 squadEdit

# Season Date Comp Opposition Venue Result Score Additional Information
12015-1620 Mar 2016DCHoffenheim U19NeutralDrew3-3Soccerball 4', Sub off 73'
22015-1621 Mar 2016DCUnited States U20NeutralWon2-1Sub off 64'
32015-1623 Mar 2016DCMonterrey U19NeutralDrew1-1
42015-1625 Mar 2016DCFluminense U19NeutralWon3-2Sub off 82'
52015-1627 Mar 2016DCEverton U19NeutralLost1-2Sub off 74'

U21 squadEdit

# Season Date Comp Opposition Venue Result Score Additional Information
12015-1612 Sept 2015U21PRMStoke U21AwayWon2-1Soccerball 14', Soccerball 39', Sub off 59'
22015-1618 Sept 2015U21PRMBlackburn U21HomeWon3-0Sub on 46'
32015-1628 Sept 2015U21PRMDerby U21AwayLost0-3
42015-1616 Oct 2015U21PRMNewcastle U21HomeLost0-2Sub on 46'
52015-1630 Oct 2015U21PRMSwansea U21HomeWon1-0Sub on 67'
62015-1619 Nov 2015U21PRMAston Villa U21HomeDrew2-2Sub on 60'
72015-1622 Jan 2016U21PRMWest Ham U21HomeLost1-3Sub on 67'
82015-1628 Jan 2016U21PRMAston Villa U21AwayLost0-1
92015-1622 Feb 2016U21PRMNewcastle U21AwayWon3-0Sub on 69'
102015-169 Mar 2016U21PRMArsenal U21HomeLost0-3Sub on 57'
112015-1614 Mar 2016U21PRMBlackburn U21AwayWon2-0Soccerball 8', Soccerball 80'
122015-164 Apr 2016U21PRMDerby U21HomeLost0-1
132015-1613 Apr 2016U21PRMWolves U21AwayWon3-0
142015-1618 Apr 2016U21PRMSwansea U21AwayLost0-3Sub off 56'

U23 squadEdit

# Season Date Comp Opposition Venue Result Score Additional Information
12016-1715 Aug 2016PL2D2Blackburn U23HomeWon1-0Yellow card 60', Sub off 60'
22016-1722 Aug 2016PL2D2West Brom U23AwayLost2-1Sub off 84'
32016-1726 Aug 2016PL2D2Brighton U23AwayLost0-1Sub on 53'
42016-1712 Sept 2016PL2D2Aston Villa U23HomeWon3-0Soccerball 46', Sub off 62'
52016-1717 Sept 2016PL2D2Stoke U23AwayWon2-1Soccerball 28', Sub off 67'
62016-1726 Sept 2016PL2D2Norwich U23HomeLost0-1Sub off 52'
72016-1730 Sept 2016PLCMiddlesbrough U23HomeWon3-1
82016-1717 Oct 2016PL2D2Swansea U23AwayLost0-2
92016-1731 Oct 2016PL2D2Wolves U23AwayLost3-4Sub off 46'
102016-1718 Nov 2016PL2D2Middlesbrough U23AwayWon4-1
112016-175 Dec 2016PLCCharlton U23AwayLost1-3Yellow card 20'
122016-1712 Dec 2016PL2D2Brighton U23HomeWon4-0Sub on 46'
132016-1719 Dec 2016PL2D2Aston Villa U23AwayDrew3-3
142016-1716 Jan 2017PL2D2Norwich U23AwayDrew2-2Sub off 70'
152016-1723 Jan 2017PLCMiddlesbrough U23AwayWon2-1Yellow card 90'
162016-1730 Jan 2017PL2D2Swansea U23HomeWon2-1
172016-176 Feb 2017PL2D2Middlesbrough U23HomeWon1-0
182016-1717 Mar 2017PLCNorwich U23AwayDrew5-5Sub on 46', Soccerball 94'

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